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Member Guide

As a growing and thriving network, we know that our success depends on the relationships and contributions of our network members. That’s why we’ve developed this guide--to help ground you in our collective work and to encourage you to contribute to and own this network.


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Virtual Roadmap

We are on the road to achieving oral health for all! The Virtual Roadmap is a dynamic platform that can be used to visualize the Network at large, grasp the scale of our impact in each of our national goals, identify relatable projects, and make valuable connections. Put yourself on the map today! Click to learn how!

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Socious Navigation Guide

A guide to help you navigate Socious, the OPEN Virtual Community at Learn about Target and State Communities, how to search and contribute resources, interact with fellow network members. There is a ton of ways to get involved in this network, start here!

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Health Equity Guidance Document

This document has definitions, principles, and case stories related to oral health in the context of targeted justice and health equity. Developed in 2016 by the Network’s Health Equity workgroup, this tool is a resource for individuals and organizations working nationally on oral health issues, and to the network as a whole.


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Framed Messaging Toolkit

To elevate oral health issues, experts, advocates, and communications professionals need framing strategies that have the power to dislodge unproductive patterns of thinking and spark new, more productive ways to engage the public. This multimedia toolkit provides strategic framing recommendations and communications tools that are grounded in evidence and equip advocates to communicate more effectively with the public. 

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Request for Communications & Messaging Support

For all Network members developing messaging or materials for potential members, funders and policy makers. Check out this Process Diagram to see how your request will be reviewed and/or materials refined. Submit a Request Form for Communications Support to receive feedback on items including draft materials or ideas for new products and strategies for target audiences.

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Practical Guide to OPEN Engagement

All the one-pagers, PPT slides, and resources you need to welcome new stakeholders and funders into the Network with suggestions for conversation starters, and sample facts and language for a proposal. The Practical Guide to OPEN Engagement can be used to build awareness, deepen relationships, or to showcase framed messaging guidance for oral health advocates.


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OPEN Policy Response Team Toolkit

Engage in advocacy and outreach efforts on a variety of policy issues important to oral health advocates. You can learn more by joining our biweekly OPEN Network Health Policy Update calls, every other Wednesday at 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern. You can also join the Policy Response Team through Network Response Team Communities.

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Take 20 with the Network

A way for OPEN members to step up and share a skill, discipline, or promising practice that can support individual and collective capacities to improve oral health across the lifespan. View our Take 20 archive on Socious. If you are interested in sharing your work with the Network, please submit a Take 20 Presenter Form.


Convening Group Memories

Catch up on past OPEN Convenings through detailed Group Memories, reading materials, agendas and presentation slides, and participant lists.


Network Directory

Network Directory

The Directory is organized by different “levels” of the network to make it easy to connect with each other. For example, do
you need to know who your 
state representative is? Do you know who to reach out to for support in grassroots movement building, program development, or policy and advocacy support? The Regional and National Oral Health Connection Teams near you are ready to help!

Network News Now

Network News Now

A periodic newscast including a summary of current happenings, events, and information from both inside and outside the OPEN Network. Take a look at the print version of past Network News in our Network Spotlight archive on Socious. To include information in the newscast, please email

Do you have questions on any of these resources? Ideas for improvement you'd like to share? Want to learn how you can contribute?

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