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How to Navigate Socious:

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If you have any questions, you can always connect with your Network Support Team (NeST) at

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OPEN: Socious Home Features

Welcome to Socious! Learn the basics about our virtual community starting with how to log on, landing page features, how to navigate and customize your Socious experience. You'll also learn the basics about our discussion forums and file libraries, how to connect and share, and post on our Virtual Roadmap. Duration: 5:17.

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OPEN: Resources & Communities

Dive deeper into how to search and filter for resources, or contribute resources of your own. You'll also learn how to join OPEN Target, State, and Workgroup Communities, and stay in the know through the My Calendar feature. Duration: 5:08.

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OPEN: Forums, Subscriptions, Favorites

A closer look at how to customize your email subscription settings from any forum of interest, easily add new subscriptions or edit frequency of existing subscriptions, and how to stay on top of all Communities, Forums, Files, and Search Terms through the Favorites feature. Duration: 2:46.