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Member Orientation

We've created this space to help anyone interested in oral health and health equity and social justice. Although oral health is vital to overall health, there are barriers in place which, like locked doors, prevent people from accessing oral care. OPEN, the Oral Health Progress & Equity Network, brings change agents together to make sure that every person has the keys they need to fully access good oral health. Together, we can help our communities to healthier so that all have an equitable chance to thrive.

Click on the images below for some videos that will give you insights into OPEN members and what this national network is all about.

About OPEN

You're probably wondering exactly who are OPEN members, what organizations and communities do they come from, and what types of work do they do? We're a national network, so we have members from across the country. You can find out more in these places:

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Join a discussion forum

With a network as large as OPEN, and with close to 2,500 members, we've got content and context experts in many different areas. By joining a forum, you'll stay in touch with others working in your area, or can find some in areas you want to know more about. The power of the network is in its connections — and we have them in spades.

We've got a file library for that!

Here are some of the file libraries available to members to support their work, and the connections between each other, as they work to achieve the targets and goals that will change systems for the better:

Resource Roundup

You can imagine the depth of resources that have been developed and shared so we're not reinventing the wheel. We broaden our impact in achieving systems change so that everyone can access good oral health. Here are a few:

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    We are on the road to achieving oral health for all! The Virtual Roadmap is a dynamic platform that can be used to visualize the Network at large, grasp the scale of our impact in each of our national goals, identify relatable projects, and make valuable connections. Put yourself on the map today! Learn more about OPEN Goals, Targets, and Tactics.

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    Health Equity Toolkit: We are OPEN, the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network. And we will continue to elevate the equity piece of our commitment and brand. Clearly, Network members and partners need resources and support in order to create equitable organizations and systems. We are committed to OPEN’s growth, specifically, helping members and organizations to challenge patterns of power in order to grow equity. 

    Please take time to visit, explore, and “bring it home.” Let’s continue to normalize our conversations about race as part of our commitment to health equity, and deepen our shared understanding of what health equity looks like in practice.

    OH Toolkit.jpeg

    Framed Messaging Toolkit: To elevate oral health issues, experts, advocates, and communications professionals need framing strategies that have the power to dislodge unproductive patterns of thinking and spark new, more productive ways to engage the public. This multimedia toolkit provides strategic framing recommendations and communications tools that are grounded in evidence and equip advocates to communicate more effectively with the public. 

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    OPEN Policy Response Team Toolkit Engage in advocacy and outreach efforts on a variety of policy issues important to oral health advocates. You can learn more by joining our biweekly OPEN Network Health Policy Update calls, every other Wednesday at 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern. You can also join the Policy Response Team through Network Response Team Communities.

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    Take 20 with the NetworkA way for OPEN members to step up and share a skill, discipline, or promising practice that can support individual and collective capacities to improve oral health across the lifespan. If you are interested in sharing your work with the Network, please submit a Take 20 Presenter Form.

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    Practical Guide to OPEN EngagementAll the one-pagers, PPT slides, and resources you need to welcome new stakeholders and funders into the Network with suggestions for conversation starters, and sample facts and language for a proposal. The Practical Guide to OPEN Engagement can be used to build awareness, deepen relationships, or to showcase framed messaging guidance for oral health advocates.